What We Do

SmallBiZ.com provides one of the lowest cost methods of forming your corporation or LLC on or off the Internet.  Our service is both professional and cost effective.  We have automated the whole process of forming your company, ordering your corporate supplies and tracking the progression of your order.  Best of all, we do it for less than anyone else!


The Process

When we receive your order, we proceed with your filing in the following manner:

1) We verify that your order is complete & correct.   We will contact you if we need anything additional.

2) We check your 1st name choices for availability.  If it is available, we proceed with that name.  If it is not available and your 2nd name choice is, we proceed with your 2nd choice.  If neither is available, we will contact you for additional choices.

3) We prepare your articles for filing based on your answers on our online order form.  NOTE:  We ask only what is required by the state to proceed with your filing.  If it is not asked on our online form, it is not required by the state.  If you want any optional articles or information to be added to your articles, we can accommodate your requests.

4) We file your articles with the state agency handling these filings in the most expeditious manner available for that service, while still minimizing costs.  NOTE:  We offer two filing services - Standard Service ($25) & Expedited Service ($25 more + additional state or courier fees, if applicable), depending on how quickly your want your articles filed with the state.

5) When we receive approval from the state (in the form of a filing receipt and/or approved articles), we notify you by email and provide a link to a digital copy of your documents, ready for download.  We then complete your order and send your originals and any other items ordered to you directly.  We also include in every order our handy What Next checklist, which will help you with the steps you need to take next for your new corporation or LLC.  NOTE:  Our Deluxe Company Kits, Embosser Seals, Stock or Member Certificates are often sent separately from your original paperwork.


"Just Form My Company!"

If you don't want any additional products or services, you pay only for our filing service fees, the state's filing fee and a shipping & handling charge:  That's it!


The Lowest Cost Anywhere!

In fact, we've done the research to prove our claim that we provide filing services for the lowest cost anywhere.  We've run quotes for the services most commonly ordered by our customers, on other competitors sites: See our research.


What Our Competitors Do

Our competitors often offer low rates upfront (i.e. in their advertising), but charge you extra at the end of the order.  Go ahead and check out their websites and you'll see the following areas where they charge you more than SmallBiZ.com:

  • Actual Service Fees ("Hey, where's the $25 fee?") - They may advertise "$25.00" to "$99.00" but where is that low rate when you complete your order?  Often, the great rate is a come on offered in only one state (typically Delaware) or it requires that you order some additional service or product in addition.

  • Registered Agent Fees - Most filing services force you to purchase this service, make it a part of your order automatically, or make it difficult to exclude this service when for most small businesses this service is not needed.  This alone can add from $50 to $150 to your order.  Click here for more information on Registered Agent Services.

  • State Fees - Most business filing companies charge different state fees as a way to mask what they are really charging you.  Click here for a list of ACTUAL state fees.

How Do We Do It?

Our prices are lower because of three reasons:

FIRST, we have automated the filing & order process so that we can quickly and easily process your order.  Most of our competitors do everything manually.

SECOND, our primary target market is the business services supplier such as accountants & attorneys.  You benefit from their low prices.

THIRD, we make up for our lower prices by higher volume. 


Accountants & Attorneys

Much of our business comes from accountants, attorneys and other Affiliates.  Our Affiliates use SmallBiZ.com both because of our low cost and our professional service.   If you are a small biz services provider (i.e. accountant, attorney, etc.), click here for more information about our Affiliate Programs.


Not Just Business Filings

At SmallBiZ.com, we don't just form new companies, we also help you with your existing corporation or LLC with the following services:

  • SmallBiZ Secretary - A unique service developed for small business corporation owners.  This web-based tool makes sure you take care of all of your corporate formalities.  Email reminders, action lists, forms databases, and much more for less than $100 per year.  MORE INFO

  • Registered Agent - Get a full service registered agent in every state for a bargin price.  MORE INFO

  • Foreign Authority - Your company is registered in one state, but you need to do business in another.  MORE INFO

  • Amendment Filing - Need to change your entity's name; want to remove a partner?;  what to increase your number of shares?  We can help you amend your articles.  MORE INFO

  • Shelf Companies - Want a company fast?  Buy one of our companies right off the shelf.  MORE INFO

  • Certified Copies, Certificates of Good Standing, & Apostilles - Get them all at one place.  MORE INFO

The Legal Stuff

It has been said that the "devil is in the details".   In an effort to be transparent, here are the details:

Of course, if you have any questions about our services, our policies or anything further, please do not hestitate to call us toll-free at